Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept dental insurance?

Yes. Dr. Truong accepts many dental plans. She doesn’t currently accept HMOs, but accepts Medicaid and CHIP. Simply call Viva Dental to discuss whether or not your plan is covered.

Is your only location in Dallas?

We recently opened the doors to our Richardson location at 722 W. Spring Valley. All of the same dental services are available at our Richardson location, and at our Dallas location on Westmoreland.

Do you offer checkups and cleanings?

We recommend patients visit our office at least once every six months for a checkup and cleaning. Maintaining regularly scheduled teeth cleanings can result in a healthier oral environment.

Do you treat children?

Yes. We offer pediatric dentistry services including sealants and fluoride treatments for children, as well as comprehensive dental care for the whole family.

Can I get dentures or prosthetics from Viva Dental?

Yes. We offer an array of dental prosthetics, including fixed and removable, to meet your needs and restore your beautiful smile.

Are dental implants available?

If you are an eligible candidate, Dr. Truong can restore your smile using dental implants.

How do I know if I’m eligible for dental implants?

Dr. Truong will evaluate your teeth and bone density to determine if enough healthy bone structure is present to support the implant. In some cases, bone grafting may be necessary in order to support the titanium implant post.

Do you offer sedation dentistry?

We provide three options for sedation dentistry: nitrous oxide, oral sedation, and a combination of the two, known as oral conscious sedation. We strive to make every patient’s visit comfortable and relaxing.

Can you stop my teeth from grinding?

Depending on the reason for your bruxism, we could be able to alleviate some of the effects. With custom-fit mouthguards, and orthodontic treatment, Dr. Truong can reduce the effects of bruxism. In the event that dietary choices are the cause of bruxism, we can certainly evaluate your routine to make suggestions on how to limit jaw clenching during sleep.

Do you offer teeth whitening?

Many patients want to brighten their smile these days. Therefore, Dr. Truong offers two professional teeth whitening options. While the take-home bleaching kit gives patients the ability to professionally whiten teeth at their own convenience, we also offer in-office whitening with gel and a special bleaching light, for patients in need of a quicker fix.

Do you offer financing?

We do not offer our own in-house financing. However, we understand that many patients cannot afford to pay for extensive treatment at the time of service. To service these individuals, we accept CareCredit, a low-interest financing option for qualifying patients.

How can I schedule my appointment?

Simply call our Dallas dentist office at 214-337-7800, or our Richardson office at 972-437-6000, to schedule an appointment today.

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