Treatment for More Severe Tooth Decay

Your tooth’s root runs from the pulp inside of the tooth’s crown into the socket where your tooth rests within your jawbone. The canal inside of the root carries blood vessels, soft tissues, nerves, and more. It’s the pathway through which your jawbone sends your tooth essential nutrients. In cases of severe, internal tooth decay, it can also be a pathway for harmful oral bacteria and tooth infection to enter. When your tooth pulp and root canal become decayed, a tooth filling isn’t enough to remove the infection and restore your tooth. To save your tooth, our skilled in-house prosthodontist, Dr. Ambriz, may recommend a custom root canal treatment to save the tooth and stop the decay from spreading further.

The Relief that Root Canal Treatment Brings

Root canal treatment is only prescribed for severe decay that has reached your tooth’s pulp. The procedure involves carefully removing the infected tissues from the pulp chamber and root canal, then filling the structures with biocompatible material. Then, your dentist can place a dental crown over the tooth to restore its appearance and structural integrity. The benefits of receiving root canal treatment are many, and include saving your tooth from loss, preserving more of the tooth’s healthy structure, and alleviating the intense discomfort that’s associated with severe tooth infection.

Save Your Tooth with Root Canal Treatment

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