Do you need a second opinion?

It takes a lot of trust to place your family’s oral health in the hands of a particular dental team, which is why we take a highly personalized approach to caring for patients’ smiles. Many of our patients first visit us because they want a second opinion about their dental health or treatment, which can result from a lack of trust in your dentist and their recommendations. At our office, we want to ensure that everyone receives the quality, highly personalized care they deserve, and that includes getting to know you and your goals for your oral health personally before ever recommending treatment.

A more personalized approach

Getting a second opinion is important if you aren’t sure about your oral health needs, or your specific treatment options. However, you may want a second opinion just to confirm a potentially serious oral health problem, or if you aren’t confident that your current dentist is capable of helping you restore your good oral health. Our team’s extensive combined experience in providing personalized dental care and helping patients achieve their unique oral health goals has helped many patients feel more confident in the immediate and long-term care of their smiles.

Schedule a visit for a second opinion

If you want a second opinion about your dental health or treatment, then schedule a visit with us by calling the Viva Dental office nearest you at 214-337-7800 in Dallas, or at 972-437-6000 in Richardson.