The Necessity of Replacing Lost Teeth

Having a full set of teeth is not just a matter of appearance. Yes, everyone deserves a beautiful smile, but missing teeth can cause serious health problems that will only worsen the longer you wait to replace them. If you do not replace missing teeth, your remaining teeth will shift into the gap left behind, causing tooth misalignment, which may lead to bruxism. This condition can cause tooth wear, tooth loss, jaw joint damage, and chronic pain. Additionally, you will experience difficulties with speaking and eating when you have gaps in your smile. If you are unable to bite and chew certain foods because of your teeth, you may not receive all the nutrients you need in your diet, leading to malnutrition and weight changes.

Removable Prosthetics

At Viva Dental, our dentists are highly skilled at fitting patients with removable dentures that stay securely in place. For patients who need to replace all of the top or bottom teeth, we can create full, or complete, dentures. For those who have a few missing teeth, a partial denture can fill the gaps and restore both proper oral functioning and appearance.

Fixed Dental Prosthetics for Greater Stability

Some patients prefer dental prosthetics that are not removable, as they provide an added feeling of security. A fixed bridge can be used to replace one or more missing teeth in a row. Dental implants are another fixed prosthetic option that can be used to anchor a single crown, a bridge, or a denture to the jawbone.

An Array of Prosthetics to Suit Your Needs

Viva Dental invites you to learn more about the options we offer to replace missing teeth. Our fixed and removable prosthetics will restore your appearance, increase your confidence, and allow you to eat your favorite foods with ease.

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