Every morning, millions of people start their day washing breakfast down with a glass of milk. The benefits of milk are widely known, especially the calcium it provides to strengthen your bones and keep your body strong. But can milk help your teeth, also? Milk’s effects on your teeth are not often discussed, but you may not be surprised to learn that milk is as important to your dental health as it is to your overall wellbeing. June is National Dairy Month, and to celebrate, Dr. Truong offers these interesting facts about the most important beverage of the day.

Fun Milk Facts

  • Milk contains high levels of calcium and phosphate; the same mineral found in your tooth enamel. Sugars and starches can turn the bacteria and plaque in your mouth acidic, causing them to attack your tooth enamel. Acidic bacteria drain the minerals from your enamel, making it weak and vulnerable to decay. Drinking milk replenishes these minerals so your enamel can become strong again.
  • About 90% of your body’s calcium rests in your bones and teeth. When blood calcium levels are low, your body takes calcium from your bones and teeth to regulate blood levels.
  • Milk makes great artificial saliva for dry-mouth sufferers. Not only does milk moisturize the mouth, but since dry mouth makes eating difficult, milk provides many supplements that patients would not normally be able to obtain.
  • The American Dental Association recommends that if you lose or break a tooth, you place the tooth in milk to preserve it until you reach your dentist.

Calcium is important for every part of your body, and milk is our greatest source of calcium. To learn more about protecting your oral health, call Viva Dental in Dallas today at 214-337-7800. Subscribe to this blog to learn when our Richardson office opens!