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Kids Of All Ages Benefit From Pediatric Dentistry

Now that we’re open for all treatments, we can continue to help kids in our community enjoy healthier smiles with pediatric dentistry. Our team has implemented a number of new technologies and preventive equipment to help protect children and their families when they visit. In today’s blog, your Dallas and Richardson, TX, dentist will explain… Read more »

Is My Child’s Mouth Breathing Cause For Concern?

Do you every notice your child breathing primarily through his or her mouth during the night? Mouth breathing and snoring could be signs of difficulty breathing during sleep, an indicator that treatment may be needed to clear airways, as this could have major negative impacts on their experiences at home and in school. In today’s… Read more »

What You Need To Know About Children’s Dentistry

Did you know that February is National Children’s Dental Health Month? Through the month of February, dental professionals from across the country will be trying to raise awareness about the importance of routine care for kids, care that could help them enjoy healthier smiles, as well as better overall health. In today’s blog, your Dallas,… Read more »

What Do We Look For In A Pediatric Evaluation?

When was the last time you brought your child in to see your Richardson, TX, dentist? Routine visits are crucial for identifying and addressing common oral health issues in the early stages. While parents may be familiar with issues like cavities and gingivitis, they may not know about airway obstructions and other issues that could… Read more »

Could Sleep Issues Impact Your Child’s Behavior?

Does your child seem particularly sleepy during the day or wake up several times in the night? Often, the cause of these issues could be related to your child’s airways. In order to help your little one avoid serious complications later in life, including a higher risk of sleep apnea or an ADHD diagnosis, you… Read more »

Let’s Get Smiles Ready To Go Back To School

Next week, children from across Richardson and Dallas, TX, will be returning to school. Families will be heading to the store to pick up school supplies, new clothes, and registering their children for the upcoming year. However, we want to make sure that area families don’t forget their children’s smiles! Our office is taking part… Read more »

Helping Your Children Avoid Cavities With SDF

When a cavity forms, a filling is crucial for protecting the tooth. But what if a cavity hasn’t fully formed, or we find one in the earliest stages? In these scenarios, we may be able to help little smiles in Richardson, TX, with silver diamine fluoride (SDF). Find out how this unique treatment helps stop… Read more »

Help Your Kids Enjoy Healthy Summer Smiles

Your children are probably celebrating the start of summer break, enjoying a chance to get away from school and enjoy themselves. However, summer can also be a time when kids consume too many sugary snacks and drinks, or neglect proper brushing and flossing! In today’s blog, your Richardson, TX, dentist is going to discuss how… Read more »

When Should My Child See The Dentist?

Children need dental care to enjoy healthy smiles and avoid serious complications. Parents often contact us wondering when their little ones should actually see their Richardson, TX, dentist. In today’s blog, we’re looking at when children need to see the dentist and what happens during these routine visits. With routine care, your child could enjoy… Read more »

Helping Your Children Avoid Tooth Decay

With proper care, children in Richardson and Dallas, TX, can avoid the onset of dental cavities. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at the causes of tooth decay and recommend a few tips for keeping smiles healthy and strong. We’re also going to look at our Give Kids A Smile event, which takes place… Read more »