Month: February 2016

Do You Have Questions About Invisalign?

We’ve discussed before how uneven teeth can hurt both your appearance and oral health. In many cases, a patient may wear braces to correct his/her smile. However, we can also offer a practically invisible solution to misalignment. With Invisalign, patients can improve the alignment of their teeth with a series of clear plastic aligners. Our… Read more »

Do You Need A Bridge Or Implant?

Losing even a single tooth can have a negative impact on your appearance. What you may not know, however, is how tooth loss can also impact your oral health. In order to avoid complications you need to seek tooth replacement. Do you need a bridge or an implant? Which option provides the strongest tooth replacement?

Do You Want A Brighter Smile?

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. Have you made any plans with your significant other? If so, you want to look your best for the big event. Do you want a brighter smile? If you have teeth stained with unsightly discoloration, we can help remove or mask these stains. With cosmetic dentistry, we… Read more »

Celebrating Our Annual “Give Kids A Smile” Event

At Viva Dental, we want to make sure the children in our community receive the dental care they need to maintain a lifetime of healthy smiles. As part of this commitment, we will be participating in our annual “Give Kids A Smile” event. Your children can receive free preventive care to help protect your smile… Read more »