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Tooth Decay Its Treatments


You brush and floss your teeth every day to keep your smile in the best possible shape. After all, we try our best to avoid cavities whenever we can. With that said, sometimes they still occur despite our efforts. It is always a bummer when your dentist tells you that you have one and need… Read more »

Quiz: How to Avoid Cavities During the Holidays

We’re right in the middle of December, so big holiday celebrations are in full swing. Holiday meals are filled with amazing food and even better desserts. However, without proper oral hygiene, these fun treats could actually be setting you up for New Year cavities.

Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving Celebration

In just a few days, millions of people will be hitting the road to enjoy Thanksgiving with their families. Amid the feasting and catching up, don’t forget about your smile. With a few easy steps, you can still enjoy your grandma’s pecan pie without risking the onset of cavities. Dr. Diep Truong wants to make… Read more »

FAQs: Tooth Decay Prevention

Can we avoid developing nasty cavities? While tooth decay is a common and widespread problem among both children and adults, you can easily take steps to avoid the issue. Dr. Diep Truong explains how simple dental maintenance can help your smile remain free of dental caries.

How Fad Diets Can Hurt Your Smile

When looking to lose weight, many people turn to quick fad diets. While juice cleanses and raw food diets offer quick results, they can also damage your teeth and gums. Dr. Diep Truong explains why you should be wary of any fad diets that promise quick results as these can increase your risk of cavities.

Do Sports Drinks Lead to Cavities?

When you or your child are outdoors or playing sports, how do you stay hydrated? For many people, staying hydrated means forgoing water for a popular sports drink instead. After all, sports drinks boast their electrolyte content and ability to keep you active and hydrated. Unfortunately, sports drinks can cause significant harm to your teeth…. Read more »