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When you or your child are outdoors or playing sports, how do you stay hydrated? For many people, staying hydrated means forgoing water for a popular sports drink instead. After all, sports drinks boast their electrolyte content and ability to keep you active and hydrated. Unfortunately, sports drinks can cause significant harm to your teeth. Dallas dentist, Dr. Diep Truong, explains how sports drinks can increase your risk of developing cavities.


The Link Between Sports Drinks and Tooth Decay

Sports drinks actually contain a high amount of sugar. As bacteria break down these sugars, the level of oral acids in the mouth increases. Soon, the enamel on the teeth can erode, exposing the inner tooth structure to harmful bacteria and causing a cavity to form. Unfortunately, without treatment, a cavity can continue to spread, soon causing an infection that may require a root canal treatment or even extraction.

For this reason, we recommend you and your family always drink water when working or playing outside. Water hydrates our bodies without harming our teeth. In fact, your tap water contains fluoride, which actually strengthens your teeth and reduces the risk of cavities.

How Do I Know If I Have a Cavity?

The most common indicators of decay are tooth sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures and a toothache. If you notice discomfort that continues after 48 hours, then see your Dallas dentist immediately. Dr. Truong will exam your teeth and uncover the cause of your toothache. If she does find the presence of tooth decay, she can repair your tooth with a tooth-colored composite filling. Composite fillings contain no metal and can be shaded to blend with the surrounding tooth structure. Many people prefer this more natural looking option to traditional metal fillings.

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