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FAQs About General Dentistry

General dentistry can help patients of all ages maintain a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. At Viva Dental, we offer a comprehensive approach to general dentistry, addressing everything from toothaches to bruxism. With general dentistry, your family can enjoy improved dental health.

Want a Beautiful Smile? Don’t Forget a Cleaning!

What’s the best route to a beautiful smile? Many people may assume teeth whitening or a similar cosmetic procedure is the answer. However, did you know a simple dental cleaning actually keeps your smile healthy and bright? At Viva Dental, we understand that general dentistry helps a person maintain a gorgeous smile free of dental… Read more »

Q&A: How Do I Treat a Toothache?

A toothache can make everything from eating to concentrating at work difficult. In most cases, a toothache is a sign of a serious dental health issue. When you experience a toothache that persists after 48 hours, you should see a dentist right away. With the correct treatment, you can be toothache-free.

Quiz: The Importance of Oral Cancer Screenings

According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, over 42,000 people are diagnosed with oral cancer every year. In addition, each year over 13,500 people die as a direct result of oral cancer. Richardson TX dentist, Dr. Diep Truong, offers oral cancer screenings with every checkup as part of our approach to preventive dentistry.

Why Do I Get Toothaches?

Everyone experiences a toothache at some point in his or her life. However, this doesn’t mean you should ignore an aching tooth. Instead, if you notice your toothache persists after 24 hours, you should contact your dentist. Identifying the cause of your toothache may be the first step on the road toward a healthier smile.

Keeping Your Smile Healthy and Bright with a Cleaning

A gorgeous smile can boost your confidence. Unfortunately, our teeth are under constant attacks from harmful bacteria that hinder the beauty of our smiles, leading to plaque buildup and unsightly stains. To protect your smile, you need to maintain good dental habits, including regular dental cleanings with your Richardson TX dentist.

Do You Have a Toothache?

What may start out as a mild discomfort can soon morph into sharp pain. A toothache is often a warning sign of a more serious issue, and without treatment, can lead to a number of major dental health complications. Your Richardson TX dentist, Dr. Diep Truong, can diagnose the cause and severity of a toothache,… Read more »

Dallas Dentist: Support Our Troops with Our Halloween Buyback Program

This week, kids across the country will be dressing up and going door-to-door for sugary treats. Everyone enjoys candy, but too much can be risky for your smile. At Viva Dental Family Dentistry, we have a way you can not only protect your smile, but support our troops as well. In today’s blog, your Dallas… Read more »

Richardson Dentist: Try Our Dental Checkup Quiz

Few things help fill a person with confidence like a beautiful smile. In fact, a recent Kelton Research study shows that people with healthy smiles are considered both more attractive and successful. Many of the people polled for the study also said the smile is one of the first things they notice when meeting someone… Read more »

Richardson Dentist Offers Tips for Preventing Tooth Decay

Does your child complain about sensitive teeth? Does he/she experience a toothache that doesn’t seem to go away? These are all common symptoms of tooth decay. A cavity endangers the health and stability of your child’s smile. Unfortunately, many parents don’t realize that a few simple steps can help prevent the onset of tooth decay…. Read more »