Month: December 2021

Resolve to Improve Your Smile in 2022

What resolutions have you made for 2022? If you’ve resolved to exercise more or change your diet, or to take on a new hobby, then why not think about your smile too? You may be surprised to find out that a few simple changes to your routine could keep teeth strong and bright, and protect… Read more »

Enjoying A New Smile In The New Year

richardson new years smiles

December is almost at an end, and New Year’s will be here before you know it. Have you started thinking about your resolutions for 2022? In addition to picking up new hobbies or hitting the gym, why not think about your smile? Now is a great time to start improving your oral health, and we… Read more »

See Our Team For Your Holiday Checkup And Cleaning

dallas holiday checkup visit

Today is December 3rd, which means your chances to see our team for treatment in 2021 are running out! In just a few short weeks, any remaining dental benefits you have will expire. So, we recommend scheduling your holiday checkup and cleaning visit now! You can find time to see us right away, or see… Read more »