Month: September 2015

Do Your Children Need Orthodontics?

Do your children have an uneven smile, with crowding or crooked teeth? If so, then treatment may be necessary to correct the smile. Do your children need orthodontics? With traditional braces, we can improve the alignment and overall health of your little ones’ smiles.

Try Our Root Canal Quiz

Few procedures make people as anxious as a root canal. However, most of the apprehension is simply due to misinformation. A root canal procedure is comfortable and comparable to receiving a simple dental filling. In addition, the procedure can help protect your smile from infection and possibly help you avoid tooth loss.

Do I Need General Dentistry?

How often do you visit the dentist? To address minor problems and help prevent major oral health problems, we may recommend general dentistry. People who brush and floss may ask, “Do I need general dentistry?” The answer is yes, everyone, children and adults, benefit from general dental care.

Do Children Need Fillings?

Do children need fillings? Many adults assume kids don’t require a restorative treatment because the baby teeth fall out eventually anyway. Unfortunately, this just isn’t true. All cavities require treatment to prevent discomfort, cavities, or potentially even premature tooth loss.