Month: October 2012

Dallas Dentist Provides Fun Halloween Candy Facts

Can you picture 158 trillion individual candy corns? That would be the equivalent of 600 million pounds of candy (and a serious contributor to major tooth decay). This is what Americans purchase annually for trick-or-treating. Tooth decay is a concern when it comes to over-consumption of candy. Your overall health is certainly affected by diet,… Read more »

Oral Hygiene Over the Years from Your Richardson Dentist

Over the last several centuries, the field of dentistry has seen incredible advances. There have also been certain oddities in dental hygiene products. Any interest in brushing your teeth with cupcake, eggplant, or bacon flavored toothpaste? Your Richardson dentist shares some interesting moments in dental history.

The Inside and Out of Dental X-Rays, From Your Richardson Dentist

Many people harbor concerns that they will be exposed to too much radiation if their dentist wants to give them  x-rays. The concept of a camera that can take a picture of the inside of your teeth is understandably difficult to fathom. What you may be surprised to find out, however, is that our bodies… Read more »

Richardson Dentist on Tooth Decay Fighting Lollipops

As Halloween approaches, children are sure to expose their teeth to massive amounts of candy. Lollipops are one of the worst treats for propagating tooth decay. Teeth are literally bathed in sugar as a lollipop is consumed over a longer period of time than most candies. Bacteria in your mouth feed on sugar to create… Read more »