Can you picture 158 trillion individual candy corns? That would be the equivalent of 600 million pounds of candy (and a serious contributor to major tooth decay). This is what Americans purchase annually for trick-or-treating. Tooth decay is a concern when it comes to over-consumption of candy. Your overall health is certainly affected by diet, but sugar plays a particular role in feeding the bacteria that cause cavities. When bacteria binge on sugar, they can create plenty of lactic acid to wear down your protective tooth enamel. As long as you are keeping up with your dental checkups twice a year, and brushing and flossing regularly, you should be able to avoid any long term damage to your teeth. Your Dallas dentist, Dr. Truong, has some fun facts to offer you about candy, as long as you promise to consume your Halloween goodies responsibly.

Candy Facts

  • Do you think Halloween candy is a reasonable place to tighten the budget in times of a tight economy? Well, the average American household spends $44 on Halloween candy every single year.
  • Google searches for gluten-free candy are more popular than sugar-free candy this year. Also, Candy Corn is the most-searched candy related term on internet search engines.
  • Speaking of Candy Corn, the orange, yellow, and white sweets are the most purchased candy in the United States, at 20 million pounds bought each year.
  • An impressive 90 million pounds of chocolate based candy will be sold during Halloween week.

Chocolate…Good for Your Teeth?

Chocolate has been discovered to inhibit Streptococcus mutans, the bacteria that lead to tooth decay. The American Dental Hygienist’s Association (ADHA) says that because of this defense mechanism, chocolate causes less tooth decay than other sweets. Additionally, theobromine is a compound in the cocoa bean, which has been shown to harden tooth enamel. Of course, if you want to enjoy chocolate for health and teeth benefits, the darker forms will have more of the good-for-you elements, and less sugar.

Too Much Candy this Year? Call Your Dallas Dentist

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