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Quiz: How Do I Improve My Dental Heath at Work?

We spend over eight hours a day at work, many of us sitting at a desk for nearly the entire time. The urge to snack and proximity to snack machines often causes us to indulge in unhealthy foods. In addition to expanding our waistlines, snacking at work can also hurt our dental health. However, with… Read more »

Dallas Dentist: Support Our Troops with Our Halloween Buyback Program

This week, kids across the country will be dressing up and going door-to-door for sugary treats. Everyone enjoys candy, but too much can be risky for your smile. At Viva Dental Family Dentistry, we have a way you can not only protect your smile, but support our troops as well. In today’s blog, your Dallas… Read more »

Spicy Food Cooling Methods, from Your Dallas, TX Dentist

Have you ever eaten a very spicy dish and your tongue felt like it was on fire? While your tongue is able sense five tastes, it’s particularly sensitive to spicy foods. In fact, many people have encountered the same issue and don’t have the slightest idea on how to find relief. Thankfully, at Viva Dental… Read more »

Dallas, TX General Dentist Shares the Benefits of Cranberries

Who doesn’t like a nice bit of cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving? Almost every American household serves cranberry sauce during their Thanksgiving meal as a part of tradition. While cranberries do add a sweet zing to this tasty meal, eating these on a daily basis can improve your health. Since cranberries provide a number of nutrients,… Read more »

Protect Teeth from Red Wine Stains with Tips from Your Dallas Dentist

So you enjoy a nice glass or two of red wine at social events (or every day, depending on how much you enjoy your wine). Research has shown that some compounds related to red wine can actually benefit your oral health, but those compounds do not protect your teeth from red wine stains. With these… Read more »

Richardson Dentist Suggests Herbs and Spices for Dental and Overall Health

Many people rely on herbs and spices to add flavor to meals without additional fat and sodium. There are more benefits to spices than just adding a kick. Herbs and spices, either fresh or dry, have a high concentration of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Certain spices have even been shown to help with the inflammation… Read more »

Dallas Dentist Provides Fun Halloween Candy Facts

Can you picture 158 trillion individual candy corns? That would be the equivalent of 600 million pounds of candy (and a serious contributor to major tooth decay). This is what Americans purchase annually for trick-or-treating. Tooth decay is a concern when it comes to over-consumption of candy. Your overall health is certainly affected by diet,… Read more »

Dallas Dentist Brings You Good News About Coffee

If you’re a coffee drinker, you may start every morning in slight distress. You cherish the refreshing, awakening power of freshly roasted coffee, but you worry about all of the reports that state coffee can be detrimental to your health. At early hours of the morning, many people disregard the possible dangers to enjoy their… Read more »

Dallas Dentist Explains the Rule of Seven for Healthy Teeth

Do you maintain a disciplined oral hygiene routine by brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day, but your teeth still develop cavities? Rest easy, you’re not going crazy. There is a scientific reason why your teeth can still be susceptible to decay, even if you maintain an exceptional daily routine. Dallas dentist… Read more »

Is Bottled Water Really Better than Tap?

If you asked a random person this question, you’d have about a 50% chance of them agreeing that bottled water is indeed better than tap. Judging by the $50 to $100 billion that America spends on bottled water every year, a safe assumption would be that many people agree. Contrary to popular belief, however, mass… Read more »