Month: July 2019

Let’s Talk About Tongue Scraping  

Have you ever heard of tongue scraping? Simply put, this is a preventive measure you can take to help remove bacteria from your smile and improve overall oral health. In today’s blog, we would like to discuss the benefits of tongue scraping, as well as other homecare routines that improve smiles in Dallas, TX.

Helping Your Children Avoid Cavities With SDF

When a cavity forms, a filling is crucial for protecting the tooth. But what if a cavity hasn’t fully formed, or we find one in the earliest stages? In these scenarios, we may be able to help little smiles in Richardson, TX, with silver diamine fluoride (SDF). Find out how this unique treatment helps stop… Read more »

FAQs About Gum Recession And Gum Disease 

We often talk about our teeth, for example, what it takes to keep them bright and free of cavities. But our gums are an essential part of our smile, and when they recede or become diseased with periodontal issues, this could lead to tooth loss and serious complications for your smile. In today’s blog, your… Read more »

How Do You Choose The Right Toothbrush And Toothpaste?

When you head to the store to find a toothbrush and toothpaste, the sheer variety of options available can be overwhelming. Which kind do you need? Do they really offer the various benefits promised? How do you choose? Well, don’t worry! Your Richardson, TX, dentist has a few tips to make the selection process much… Read more »