Month: March 2017

Do I Qualify For Invisalign?

Having a smile with crooked or crowded teeth can be embarrassing. Instead of going through life hiding your smile, why not seek orthodontic treatment? Unfortunately, many teens and adult are not eager to wear metal braces for 18 months to 2 years. However, we do offer an alternative to metal braces. Do you qualify for… Read more »

When Does An Extraction Become Necessary?

As dental professionals, our goal is to help improve oral health and preserve our patients’ natural teeth. However, sometimes issues arise that require removing teeth. When does an extraction become necessary? If a tooth must be removed, can you also replace it?

Do You Need Sedation?

Be honest: How do you feel about visiting the dentist? Estimates show that between 8% and 15% of people in the United States experience some level of dental anxiety. This fear could mean avoiding routine dental care, allowing minor problems to evolve into very serious issues, such as tooth loss and periodontal disease. To ease… Read more »

How Do You Replace Lost Teeth?

Tooth impacts much more than just your appearance. In fact, missing teeth can lead to a host of serious oral health complications. To help preserve our patients’ smiles and facial structure, we offer multiple options for replacing lost teeth. Which one is right for you? How exactly will tooth loss impact your smile?

What Is Emergency Dentistry?

Have you ever had a dental emergency? Any injury or pain related to your teeth or gums is considered a dental emergency. If you encounter such a situation, we advise you to call our team as soon as possible and we will fit you in. We can offer cosmetic and restorative treatments to address damaged… Read more »