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When Teeth Become Sensitive

When your teeth become sensitive, the causes can be numerous, but the worry and discomfort may be the same, regardless of the reason. Depending on its nature and cause, you may be able to find relief for your sensitive teeth with a few at-home remedies (and better hygiene practices, if necessary). If you learn that… Read more »

Dallas Dentist: Support Our Troops with Our Halloween Buyback Program

This week, kids across the country will be dressing up and going door-to-door for sugary treats. Everyone enjoys candy, but too much can be risky for your smile. At Viva Dental Family Dentistry, we have a way you can not only protect your smile, but support our troops as well. In today’s blog, your Dallas… Read more »

Dallas, TX General Dentist Shares the Benefits of Cranberries

Who doesn’t like a nice bit of cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving? Almost every American household serves cranberry sauce during their Thanksgiving meal as a part of tradition. While cranberries do add a sweet zing to this tasty meal, eating these on a daily basis can improve your health. Since cranberries provide a number of nutrients,… Read more »

Richardson, TX Dentist Shares Interesting Facts about Saliva

Saliva is an incredible solution made entirely from one gland in the body, yet, most people don’t know much about saliva. As a matter of fact, saliva is the substance that helps ward off cavities. By creating a neutral oral environment, saliva slows down bacteria and stops the acid production that breaks down enamel. For… Read more »

Richardson, TX Dentist Presents: Diabetes and Oral Health

Most dentists tell their patients that oral health can determine the state of your overall health. This statement is very much true! As a matter of fact, some cases of dementia, Alzheimer’s, and even low birth-weight babies have been cause by untreated oral diseases and illnesses. In this article, though, your Richardson, TX dentist Dr…. Read more »

Dallas, TX Dentist: Learn to Avoid Dry Sockets

When patients have a tooth extracted, the doctor often warns about dry sockets, which is a painful complication. A dry socket occurs when the extraction site loses the blood clot protecting the area. This causes patients a great deal of discomfort and pain. To avoid the development of dry sockets, your Dallas, TX dentist, Dr…. Read more »

Dallas, TX Dentist Explains the Importance of Dental Cleanings

For patients who need their teeth cleaned soon, reading this article may benefit you a great deal. Dr. Diep Truong, your Dallas, TX dentist, shares the importance of dental cleanings with her patients. Top-Marked Reasons to Schedule Routine Dental Visits Reason # 1 – Oral cancer screenings. Having a dental cleaning is about preventative care… Read more »

Dallas, TX Discusses the Differing Types of Dental X-Rays

People who visit the dentist regularly for dental cleanings have some experience with dental x-rays. Yet, did you know that x-rays have varying types. In fact, each x-ray type serves an alternate purpose. To explain the nature of x-rays during dental cleanings, your Dallas, TX dentist, Dr. Diep Truong provides this post. There’s More than… Read more »

Richardson, TX Dentist Discusses Surgical Treatments for Gum Disease

Do you know the more advanced stages of gum disease don’t respond to alternative, non-surgical methods of treatment? For those who require a more involved process to eliminate this oral ailment, Dr. Diep Truong, your Richardson, TX dentist, explains surgical methods to cure gum disease. Surgeries that Alleviate Gum Disease Flap surgery. When gum disease… Read more »

Gum Disease Can Affect Children, Says Richardson, TX Dentist

Did you know that children can develop gum disease just like adults can? In fact, kids become particularly susceptible to the disease throughout puberty when their hormones have started to overtake their growing bodies. Dr. Diep Truong, your Richardson, TX dentist explains the types of gum disease seen amongst children in this article. Types of… Read more »