treatment Do you know the more advanced stages of gum disease don’t respond to alternative, non-surgical methods of treatment? For those who require a more involved process to eliminate this oral ailment, Dr. Diep Truong, your Richardson, TX dentist, explains surgical methods to cure gum disease.

Surgeries that Alleviate Gum Disease

  • Flap surgery. When gum disease has advanced to the later stages, root scaling and planing isn’t as effective. The flap surgery allows the dentist to lift the gum tissue to access deeper portions of the gum tissue.
    Additionally, since periodontal disease tends to affect the bone, the doctor may recontour the bone a bit to repair any prevalent bone loss.
  • Soft tissue grafts. Frequently, gum disease cause the gum line to recede, giving your teeth a longer appearance. To correct this ailment, your Richardson, TX dentist removes a small piece of tissue from with your palate and places the tissue on the affected area. Not only does this prevent further gum recession, it also covers the space that’s lost some of gum tissue.
  • Bone grafting. Tissue and bone is what anchors your teeth in place. With both the bone and soft tissue reduced from gum disease, tooth loss ensues. A bone graft is necessary when a patient has endured enough bone loss to reach the tooth loss stage.
    By using either your own bone, a synthetic material, or even donated bone, the graft supplements the lost bone. After healing period, patients’ teeth have become strongly rooted back into place.
  • Tissue regeneration. Much like the bone graft, tissue regeneration is meant to supplement bone loss. However, there isn’t a need for actual bone-like material. Instead, the doctor uses a biocompatible fabric to separate the tooth from the bone. The bone then begins to regenerate without any unwanted tissue developing.
  • Enamel matrix derivative. As third alternative to tissue regrowth, the derivative application involves the use of a gel. The gel stimulates healthy bone and tissue growth when placed on the diseased tooth; plus, the solution contains the same elements seen in enamel, which makes the regrowth process more effective.

Viva Dental Can Expertly Eliminate the Presence of Gum Disease

When gum disease doesn’t respond to alternative treatments, surgery may prove the most effective method to eliminate the disease. If you would like more information about surgical remedies for gum disease, contact Dr. Truong—she can explain your options. To schedule an appointment with our Richardson, TX dental practice, call us at (214) 337-7800. Also, visit our website for services, reviews, to learn more about our dental team. We happily serve new and existing patients in North Oak Cliff, Kessler Park, Duncanville, Grand Prairie, Richardson, Carrolton, Garland, Addison, Farmers Branch, and nearby suburbs.