Month: July 2020

Let’s Replace Your Missing Teeth

As children, losing teeth (provided this happens on your body’s schedule) is natural, and a sign that you’re growing. However, as adults tooth loss means something is wrong, and that your oral health will continue to suffer unless the underlying factors are addressed and the gaps in your smile are filled. Fortunately, your Richardson, TX,… Read more »

We Use Advanced Technologies To Keep Our Patients Safe

Better overall health starts with the smile, the gateway to your body. Unfortunately, due to the impact of the pandemic, many families have avoided seeing the dentist out of safety concerns. While we absolutely understand their concerns, we also know that this lack of care means painful toothaches and sore gums that could soon indicate… Read more »

Kids Of All Ages Benefit From Pediatric Dentistry

Now that we’re open for all treatments, we can continue to help kids in our community enjoy healthier smiles with pediatric dentistry. Our team has implemented a number of new technologies and preventive equipment to help protect children and their families when they visit. In today’s blog, your Dallas and Richardson, TX, dentist will explain… Read more »