Month: July 2014

Quiz: How Often Should I See the Dentist?

How often do we really need to see the dentist? This is fairly common question. Some people insist once a year is enough while others may see the dentist only if they experience discomfort. However, everyone should visit the dentist at least once every six months for a checkup and dental cleaning to ensure optimal… Read more »

Cavity Prevention Tips for Preschoolers

Does your preschooler complain about aching teeth? Many parents don’t realize that small children are just as susceptible to developing cavities as adults and older kids. Even if your little one still has baby teeth, tooth decay can lead to serious dental health complications, including misalignment and infection. Fortunately, there are steps you can take… Read more »

Can Coffee Be Healthy for Your Smile?

How many of you need a cup of coffee to start your day? Well, you’re definitely not alone. In the United States, 54% of people over the age of 18 drink coffee on a regular basis. A cup of java offers a crucial burst of energy, but is it good for you? Below, we discuss… Read more »

Why Do We Get Canker Sores?

Have you ever developed a canker sore? For many people, canker sores represent an embarrassing and reoccurring issue. What causes a person to develop a canker sore? What can we do to prevent them or treat them? At Viva Family Dentistry, we discuss the common causes of canker sores and what can be done to… Read more »

Celebrate Independence Day with a Beautiful Smile

This weekend people across the country will be celebrating the Fourth of July. As we spend time with family and watch the fireworks, don’t forget about your smile. There are a number of healthy alternatives to the food and snacks typically offered at a Fourth of July celebration. Enjoy good food without endangering your smile!