Month: April 2015

FAQs: Do You Need a Dental Prosthetic?

Losing your teeth can lead to a number of oral health concerns, including a reduction in proper nutrition and loss of jawbone density. In order to restore the health and function of your smile you may benefit from replacement teeth. Do you need a dental prosthetic? Find out your options for enjoying a whole smile… Read more »

Quiz: Do We Need Root Canals?

Despite the strength of our tooth enamel, our teeth are still susceptible to damage from injury or advanced decay. When this occurs, bacteria can eventually reach the inner pulp and cause an infection. In order to address an infected tooth we may recommend root canal therapy. Do we need root canals?

Smile Healthy Lunch Options for Kids

Whether it’s the weekend or you’re helping your little one pack a lunch, finding healthy meal options can he hard. However, a nutritious lunch can actually improve oral health and give your child more energy during the day. We will also look at the importance of having your child’s teeth cleaned regularly by a dental… Read more »

Fighting Bruxism During Stress Awareness Month

Did you know that April is designated as Stress Awareness Month? During this month healthcare professionals are recognizing the health risks of stress and the ways anxiety can hurt quality of life. As dental professionals, the team at Viva Dental Family Dentistry understands the link between stress and a serious oral health issue such as… Read more »