Month: September 2016

Do You Have Questions About Dental Crowns?

We offer a number of restorative procedures to help improve our patient’s comfort and oral health. With a dental crown, we can address a number of different issues, ranging from damaged teeth to infected ones. We can even help improve the appearance of your teeth with a restoration. Do you have questions about dental crowns?

Learn More About Root Canal Therapy

Due to rampant misinformation and bad jokes on TV, you probably assume receiving a root canal is second only to being hit by a bus. We’re always surprised to see how worried some patients are about this safe and comfortable procedure that most people find comparable to receiving a filling. In fact, endodontic treatment is… Read more »

5 Reasons Kids Need Children’s Dentistry

When was the last time you brought your little one to the office? Just like you, kids need to see the dentist for routine checkups, cleanings, and to address any discomfort they may be feeling. Otherwise, their oral health, and sometimes overall health, can suffer. There are a number of reasons why kids need children’s… Read more »

Does Everyone Need General Dentistry?

Do you brush and floss daily as the dentist recommends? Do you cut back on sugary foods and drinks, which can endanger your teeth and lead to a greater risk of decay? We applaud our patients that take steps to safeguard their teeth against harm. However, many assume that since they take proper care of… Read more »

Are You Scared Of The Dentist?

Are you scared of the dentist? If so, we understand! Studies show that between 8% and 15% of people in the nation experience some form of dental anxiety. However, avoiding the dentist due to anxiety can mean your smile’s health and appearance suffers. To help patients with dental fears we offer calming dental sedation.