viva-general-dentistryDo you brush and floss daily as the dentist recommends? Do you cut back on sugary foods and drinks, which can endanger your teeth and lead to a greater risk of decay? We applaud our patients that take steps to safeguard their teeth against harm. However, many assume that since they take proper care of their smiles at home, they don’t actually benefit from general dentistry. Everyone, regardless of age or the state of their oral health, needs general dentistry.


Many general procedures are designed to be preventive, helping protect your teeth and gums from serious oral health concerns. A checkup allows the doctor to examine your smile for indicators of cavities, infection, gingivitis or gum disease, and oral cancer. She can then recommend the most appropriate treatment options or if necessary, refer you to a specialist. A cleaning allows the doctor or the hygienist to remove plaque and tartar from the teeth, freshening breath and significantly reducing the risk of gum inflammation or gum disease.

Treatment for Tooth Decay and Infection

Our approach to general dental care also includes treatment options. We can address a damaged or decayed tooth with tooth-colored fillings or a lifelike dental crown. We can also a root canal to return an infected to full function and health, reducing the risk of losing the tooth to infection.

Addressing Common Oral Health Concerns

You also need general dentistry to allow the dentist to identify and treat other common oral health concerns, such as TMJ disorder (which makes opening and closing the mouth difficult) and bruxism (chronic teeth grinding, which can damage teeth). Using orthodontics, we can correct the alignment of the smile as well. If you have any questions about our approach to general dentistry, then please let us know.


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