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What Are My Teeth Whitening Options?

For many people, a brighter smile is an instant source of confidence. After all, that perfect smile can help you make a great first impression, whether meeting someone for a date or attending a job interview. We understand, and offer professional teeth whitening options for our patients in Dallas and Richardson, TX. In today’s blog,… Read more »

Repairing A Broken Tooth

What should you do if you break a tooth? Well, first you should contact your Dallas, TX, dentist! Addressing damage quickly helps prevent complications. In addition, we have a number of treatment options to offer natural looking repair, restoring your tooth to optimal function and beauty. Find out how we fix a tooth, and what… Read more »

Correcting Crooked Smiles With Invisalign®

Does your smile appear crooked or crowded due to misalignment? If you’re ready to address your misalignment, then talk to your Richardson, TX, dentist. We have clear aligners designed to address misalignment. Find out how we create these aligners and what benefits Invisalign® offers over traditional metal braces.

We Offer Lifelike Tooth Repair

What happens when your tooth becomes cracked or chipped? What if you develop pain due to an ache or infection? In these scenarios, your smile needs repair. Otherwise, serious complications could arise. In order to offer patients in Dallas and Richardson, TX, lifelike tooth repair, we may prescribe cosmetic and restorative treatment options.

5 Ways To Get A Brighter Smile

Teeth stains occur for a number of reasons, from the foods and drinks we consume to our daily dental care habits. What can residents of Dallas and Richardson, TX, do to get a brighter smile? In today’s blog, we’re going to look at routine homecare and discuss possible professional solutions to teeth stains. Let’s work… Read more »

How Do I Keep My Smile Bright In 2019?

Now that Christmas is past, we’re looking forward to the New Year! Have you made your resolutions? If you want to learn more about keeping your smile bright and beautiful in 2019, then we have a few tips for our Richardson TX, patients.

Beware The Dangers Of Charcoal Whitening!

Recently, people have been talking about a unique way to remove teeth stains: charcoal whitening. While this does offer a brighter smile, there are a few serious risks our Dallas, TX, patients should be aware of. Let’s talk about the dangers of charcoal whitening!

We’re Offering A Teeth Whitening Special!

During the holidays, people want to attend the next big party or family gathering with a brighter smile. We understand, and are actually offering a teeth whitening special! In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss how Opalescence Whitening trays help remove stains, and what steps our Richardson, TX, patties can take to enjoy brighter smiles.

How Does Professional Teeth Whitening Work?

For Dallas, TX, residents looking for a brighter smile, we can help! We know our patients want to look their best before their next big holiday event. In order to combat discoloration, we have an array of professional teeth whitening options. Which one will be the right choice for your smile?

How Does Invisalign® Straighten Uneven Smiles?

Do you wish your crooked or crowded teeth could be more even? In addition to improving your smile’s appearance, addressing misalignment can also improve overall oral health. As an alternative to metal braces, we’re proud to offer our Richardson, TX patients treatment with Invisalign® clear aligners.