Month: April 2018

Am I Using The Right Kind Of Toothpaste?

When you go to the store you’ll find a vast array of options for cleaning your teeth. Different toothpastes will boast different benefits and the selection can seem overwhelming. Which one is right for your smile? We’re going to talk about choosing the right option for your smile and avoiding toothpaste abrasion!

Should I Try Invisalign?

Orthodontic treatment can correct misalignment and improve your overall oral health. However, orthodontic treatment doesn’t always mean metal braces. We can provide a nearly invisible alternative using clear aligners. Should you try Invisalign® to enjoy a straighter and more beautiful smile?

Have You Had Your Oral Cancer Screening?

This week is Oral Cancer Awareness Week, which means dental professionals across the country will be raising awareness of this widespread and dangerous oral health issue. According to The Oral Cancer Foundation estimates, 45,000 people are diagnosed with the disease each year. Have you had your screening for 2018?

Easter Candy And Cavities: What You Need To Know

Last weekend, many of our patients attended Easter celebrations, which means they now have a number of sugary snacks, such as candy eggs and chocolate bunnies, in their home. While we love the occasional sweet treat as much as anyone, too much sugar can lead to the onset of tooth decay. What do you need… Read more »