This week is Oral Cancer Awareness Week, which means dental professionals across the country will be raising awareness of this widespread and dangerous oral health issue. According to The Oral Cancer Foundation estimates, 45,000 people are diagnosed with the disease each year. Have you had your screening for 2018?

The Dangers of Oral Cancer

Of the 45,000+ people diagnosed each year, almost half succumb to the disease within just five years. The high mortality often rate is often a result of the disease not being discovered in the early stages. By time the patient realizes something is wrong and sees a dentist, the disease could have reached a more advanced stage. Early diagnosis can significantly increase the chances of a full recovery.

What Happens During a Screening?

During a screening we carefully examine your smile, looking for potential warning signs of the disease. We also use advanced technology, such as digital x-rays and digital intraoral cameras, to obtain detailed pictures of your oral tissues and make a more accurate and precise diagnosis. We also have a unique device that can highlight abnormal tissues and allow us to better spot cancerous and precancerous areas. If we uncover warning signs of oral cancer, we can recommend you to a specialist right away.

Potential Symptoms

If you attend your routine checkups every six months, you will undergo a screening for oral cancer. Outside of your visits, be sure to take note of any sores, rough patches, or red and white splotched areas in your mouth that don’t heal after two weeks. Persistent sore throat and hoariness, as well as changes in your voice, could also be potential indicators of oral cancer. If one or more of these possible symptoms applies to you, see us right away.

Do You Need a Screening?

Our team can help you and your family maintain optimal oral health. To schedule a consultation, call the Viva Dental Family Dentistry office nearest you at (214) 337-7800 (Dallas) or (972) 437-6000 (Richardson).