Month: November 2016

How Do You Keep Smiles Healthy During Thanksgiving?

Last week, we discussed how many of the foods and drink we enjoy around the holidays can pose a threat for little smiles. However, many of the same points apply to adults as well. You should also take care to protect your smile from the risk of tooth decay and gingivitis. With the right steps,… Read more »

Protecting Little Smiles During The Holidays

With the holiday season coming up, you and your family are going to be tempted by a number of foods high in sugar and other starches. Without preventive care, you may be more likely to develop cavities. What can you do to protect your children’s smiles during the holidays? What preventive treatments can we offer?

FAQs About Dental Implants

We offer dental implants as a way to provide our patients with strong and long lasting tooth replacement. People often have questions about dental implants, such as how placement occurs or how this option differs from more traditional prosthetics, such as bridges or dentures. There are many benefits to choosing dental implants to restore missing… Read more »

Do Your Teeth Feel Sensitive?

Do you notice that your teeth ache when exposed to cold foods or drinks? Does the chilly fall air sometimes cause discomfort? If your teeth feel sensitive, then you may need to see your dentist. In some cases, this could be a sign of tooth decay and may require immediate attention. Otherwise, discomfort could grow… Read more »