Month: January 2018

“Healthy” Foods And Drinks That Can Hurt Your Smile

Sometimes when we inform patients about a cavity, they are shocked, usually responding that they eat or drink healthy foods and beverages. However, many foods and drinks can actually lead to a greater risk of decay, even if at first glance they appear healthy. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at a few of… Read more »

We’re Going To Help Give Kids A Smile!

Each year, our team is proud to take part in American Dental Association’s Give Kids A Smile event! We have a day where we provide free preventive care to children in our community. In today’s blog, we’re going to talk a little more about our annual event and what you can do to save a… Read more »

Can Homemade Aligners Do More Harm Than Good? 

People are always looking for a more affordable alternative, in housing, food, and even in dental care. The trend of do-it-yourself braces has led to well-documented horrors, including damaged tissue and jawbones. But now, there are companies offering mail-order aligners, in which people take their own impressions and pictures. While this may seem like a… Read more »

Can Sports Drinks Really Cause Cavities?

Have you made a resolution to get in shape? Many people use the start of the new year as a chance to engage in healthy habits, including working out. However, before you grab a sports drink and head to the gym, we would like to talk about your cavity risk. Did you know that sports… Read more »