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FAQs: Tooth Decay Prevention

Can we avoid developing nasty cavities? While tooth decay is a common and widespread problem among both children and adults, you can easily take steps to avoid the issue. Dr. Diep Truong explains how simple dental maintenance can help your smile remain free of dental caries.

Understanding The Basics of Good Dental Health

A healthy smile is often brighter and more attractive. To help your smile reach peak brilliance, you need to maintain good dental health. At Viva Dental Family Dentistry, Dr. Truong and our staff of dental care professionals can help you better understand what it takes to maintain healthy, beautiful teeth and gums.

Do Our Genes Affect Our Dental Health?

While nearly anyone can suffer from a cavity, are some people genetically predisposed to developing tooth decay? The answer is surprising. Multiple dental health factors can make some portions of the population more susceptible to developing tooth decay. Dr. Diep Truong discusses how genes can affect your tooth decay risk and what you can do… Read more »