While nearly anyone can suffer from a cavity, are some people genetically predisposed to developing tooth decay? The answer is surprising. Multiple dental health factors can make some portions of the population more susceptible to developing tooth decay. Dr. Diep Truong discusses how genes can affect your tooth decay risk and what you can do to help your smile stay healthy and cavity-free.

The Link Between Genetics and Tooth Decay

Numerous studies have been conducted over the years to understand why some people seem to be particularly vulnerable to tooth decay. The results show that a variety of genetic factors can lead to a greater likelihood of developing cavities. These factors include:

Tips for Keeping Your Smile Healthy

Now, just because you may be especially susceptible to decay due to genetics doesn’t mean you’re helpless to protect your teeth. By practicing good oral hygiene, you can help safeguard your teeth against cavities. Some simple tips for maintaining a healthy smile include:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day, once in the morning and again before bed
  • Floss your teeth every night before bed
  • Attend dental cleanings at least twice a year
  • Cut back on foods and drinks high in sugar and other starches

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