Month: October 2017

4 Facts About Dental Fillings

When you develop a toothache, the culprit is often tooth decay. We can address tooth decay using a lifelike restoration known as a dental filling. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at four facts about placing dental fillings. Using this restoration, we can improve the health and beauty of your tooth.

Take Advantage Of Our Halloween BuyBack!

There is so much to love about Halloween, but as dental professionals, we also know that too many sweets and candies can lead to the onset of tooth decay. For kids, Halloween is the beginning of a season of indulging in too many sweets. Fortunately, we have a fun and unique solution: Our Halloween buyback… Read more »

Let’s Talk About Alternatives To Halloween Candy

In just a couple weeks, children across the country will be donning costumes and going door-to-door to collect candy. While we all enjoy the sights and sounds of Halloween, we also recognize that candy can lead to a greater risk of tooth decay. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to create a… Read more »

What’s In A Crown?

We have a variety of dental restorations available to help repair and restore a tooth, such as veneers, dental bonding, and lifelike dental fillings. However, we also have one that can correct multiple oral health concerns and provide great stability (and a natural looking appearance). What’s in a dental crown? What should I expect when… Read more »