Month: August 2017

5 Steps For Helping Kids Avoid Cavities

Children, even toddlers and babies, are susceptible to the onset of tooth decay. Just as with adults, lack of treatment can mean serious discomfort and the risk of premature tooth loss due to infection. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help your kids avoid cavities!

Do You Have Dental Anxiety?

Dental anxiety refers to a fear or serious apprehension of visiting the dentist. If you have dental anxiety, then you may put off even minor preventive visits, such as checkup and cleanings. As you grow older, this can have an increasingly negative impact on your overall oral health. Fortunately, we can help with our dental… Read more »

Viva Dental Takes Part In Back-To-School Fair

Viva Dental Family Dentistry is proud to provide dentistry to Dallas and Richardson, as well as surrounding communities. Since we value our community members, we like to give back whenever possible. Recently, our team was proud to participate in the 7th Annual Back-to-School Fair.

Have You Had A Summer Checkup?

Summer is quickly coming to a close. In just a couple weeks, children across the country will be returning to school. If you’re a parent, or a student yourself, then you understand how busy your schedule is about to become. For that reason, we always suggest scheduling a final summer checkup before the new semester… Read more »

Can A Dental Cleaning Prevent Gum Disease?

How often has your dentist reminded you to come in for routine dental cleanings? In addition to freshening breath and brightening your smile, this preventive procedure can also help you avoid gum disease. How does a dental cleaning work? What factors can lead to gum disease in the first place?