Despite the strength of our tooth enamel, our teeth are still susceptible to damage from injury or advanced decay. When this occurs, bacteria can eventually reach the inner pulp and cause an infection. In order to address an infected tooth we may recommend root canal therapy. Do we need root canals?

Richardson, TX Root Canal Quiz

1. True or False: Untreated tooth decay can cause an infection.

2. True or False: Toothaches are common symptoms of a dental abscess.

3. True or False: A root canal procedure can remove infected tissue.

4. True or False: We can restore your tooth with a dental crown.

Answer Key

1. True. As tooth decay spreads the bacteria can eventually reach the pulp inside the tooth. Once this occurs, the tooth becomes infected. Without treatment the infection may kill the pulp and begin to spread to surrounding teeth and the jawbone. An extraction may be necessary at this stage to protect your remaining natural teeth.

2. True. If you have an infected or abscessed tooth you may notice tooth sensitivity to hot or cold drinks. You may also experience chronic toothaches. Fever, swelling near the tooth, or pain when biting down or chewing may also be common warning signs. If you experience discomfort then please see a dentist as soon as possible.

3. True. During the root canal procedure we administer a local anesthetic to ensure comfort. We then open the tooth to remove infected tissue and clean the inner tooth and root canals.

4. True. The procedure is completed by adding a dental crown to the tooth. The crown fits over the visible portion and prevents further infection or decay. Your tooth will look completely natural. If you have any questions about this endodontic then please contact our office today.


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