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FAQs About Our Teeth Whitening Techniques

Interested in obtaining a brighter smile? Over time, stains can dull the appearance of our teeth. With cosmetic dentistry, you can rejuvenate the beauty of your smile. Your Dallas TX dentist, Dr. Diep Truong, offers our patients an array of professional teeth whitening options.

What Causes Gum Disease?

  For millions of Americans, gum disease is a serious risk to their dental health. According to recent studies conducted by the Centers for Disease Control, over 64.7 million people in the United States exhibit signs of periodontal disease. Your Dallas TX dentist, Dr. Diep Truong, offers treatment for gum disease to improve the health… Read more »

Obtain a Healthy Smile with General Dentistry

  Regular dental care helps promote healthy teeth and gums. At Viva Family Dentistry, we provide quality dental care for the entire family. As part of our approach to preventive dentistry, Dallas TX dentist, Dr. Diep Truong, offers an array of dental procedures to improve the health and beauty of our patients’ smiles.

Bleeding Gums Could Signal Trouble, Says Dallas Dentist

If your gums bleed a little when you brush, your toothbrush bristles may be too hard. Perhaps you’re pressing too hard when you scrub your pearly whites. In many cases, bleeding gums indicate the beginning stage of gum disease, called gingivitis. Other symptoms include redness, tenderness, swelling, and halitosis (bad breath). While poor oral hygiene… Read more »

Spicy Food Cooling Methods, from Your Dallas, TX Dentist

Have you ever eaten a very spicy dish and your tongue felt like it was on fire? While your tongue is able sense five tastes, it’s particularly sensitive to spicy foods. In fact, many people have encountered the same issue and don’t have the slightest idea on how to find relief. Thankfully, at Viva Dental… Read more »

Dallas, TX General Dentist Shares the Benefits of Cranberries

Who doesn’t like a nice bit of cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving? Almost every American household serves cranberry sauce during their Thanksgiving meal as a part of tradition. While cranberries do add a sweet zing to this tasty meal, eating these on a daily basis can improve your health. Since cranberries provide a number of nutrients,… Read more »

Dallas, TX Dentist: Learn to Avoid Dry Sockets

When patients have a tooth extracted, the doctor often warns about dry sockets, which is a painful complication. A dry socket occurs when the extraction site loses the blood clot protecting the area. This causes patients a great deal of discomfort and pain. To avoid the development of dry sockets, your Dallas, TX dentist, Dr…. Read more »

Dallas, TX Dentist Explains the Importance of Dental Cleanings

For patients who need their teeth cleaned soon, reading this article may benefit you a great deal. Dr. Diep Truong, your Dallas, TX dentist, shares the importance of dental cleanings with her patients. Top-Marked Reasons to Schedule Routine Dental Visits Reason # 1 – Oral cancer screenings. Having a dental cleaning is about preventative care… Read more »

Dallas, TX Discusses the Differing Types of Dental X-Rays

People who visit the dentist regularly for dental cleanings have some experience with dental x-rays. Yet, did you know that x-rays have varying types. In fact, each x-ray type serves an alternate purpose. To explain the nature of x-rays during dental cleanings, your Dallas, TX dentist, Dr. Diep Truong provides this post. There’s More than… Read more »

Richardson, TX Dentist Discusses Surgical Treatments for Gum Disease

Do you know the more advanced stages of gum disease don’t respond to alternative, non-surgical methods of treatment? For those who require a more involved process to eliminate this oral ailment, Dr. Diep Truong, your Richardson, TX dentist, explains surgical methods to cure gum disease. Surgeries that Alleviate Gum Disease Flap surgery. When gum disease… Read more »