kid smilingDid you know that children can develop gum disease just like adults can? In fact, kids become particularly susceptible to the disease throughout puberty when their hormones have started to overtake their growing bodies. Dr. Diep Truong, your Richardson, TX dentist explains the types of gum disease seen amongst children in this article.

Types of Gum Disease Seen in Children

  • Chronic gingivitis. Cases of gingivitis arise amongst children quite often. Just like in adults, the gingivitis creates bright red, swollen gum tissue. Additionally, bleeding can also occur.
    However, since gingivitis is the only the beginnings of gum disease, it’s preventative and treatable. Simply enforce a stricter teeth cleaning routine alongside making regular dental visits a habit. With the proper treatment, the gingivitis should clear up easily; yet, if left unattended, the
    gum disease will only worsen.
  • Aggressive periodontitis. This type of gum disease is seen in kids, teens, and young adults alike. Oftentimes, aggressive periodontitis affects the first molar and incisors. Furthermore, the alveolar bone is significantly riddled with bone loss. Surprisingly, though, kids with aggressive periodontitis don’t have a lot of plaque or tartar build-up.
  • Generalized aggressive periodontitis. Frequently, this form of periodontitis is seen throughout puberty; it’s actually quite common for the sudden rush of hormones produced by puberty to affect oral health. Typically, heavily accumulations of plaque and tartar makes generalized aggressive periodontitis much worse. Without proper care, this advancement in gum disease can lead to tooth loos.

Prevention Tips for Parents

  1. Establish healthy oral habits at an early age. By the time your child is year old, a dentist should have already seen them for their first dental appointment. Additionally, after their first birthday, you can start brushing their teeth with baby-safe toothpaste. When their teeth become close enough together, you can start flossing their teeth, too.
  2. Use yourself as a role model for them. Let you child see that you follow the same teeth cleaning routine they do.
  3. Make dental appointments for the entire family at the same time. This way, your child can have you nearby, should they want you in the treatment room.
  4. Your Richardson, TX dentist recommends checking your child’s teeth for any signs of gum disease. If they have swollen, bleeding, or very red gums, take them dentist as soon as possible. Early detection and treatment is the key to preventing oral ailments.

Bring Your Entire Family to Viva Dental for Preventative Care

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