when teeth become sensitiveWhen your teeth become sensitive, the causes can be numerous, but the worry and discomfort may be the same, regardless of the reason. Depending on its nature and cause, you may be able to find relief for your sensitive teeth with a few at-home remedies (and better hygiene practices, if necessary). If you learn that your tooth sensitivity is caused by a dental health issue, like a growing cavity, then you should schedule a dental examination as soon as possible.

Levels of Sensitivity

Sensitive teeth and toothaches can strike in varying degrees, and in a matter of different ways. If several teeth feel generally sensitive, then their protective layer of enamel may be growing weak, or you may be grinding your teeth unconsciously. If a specific tooth aches, then it may be damaged or developing a cavity (a hole caused by tooth decay). If the toothache or sensitivity is bad enough or frequent enough to make you worry, or if you notice that it grows worse, then we advise seeking professional dental treatment immediately.

What to Do Sensitive Teeth

  • Before sensitivity grows too severe, you may be able to reverse it, especially if it’s a sign of weakening enamel. Use toothpaste with fluoride, which can bond to the mineralized layers of enamel around your teeth and strengthen them.
  • Drink more water! But also, refrain from drinking sugary and acidic beverages. Acids, and sugars that help oral bacteria produce more acids, make tooth enamel weaker, increasing your risks of tooth sensitivity as well as tooth decay and cavities.
  • Don’t skip flossing. Even if you strictly adhere to brushing your teeth twice every day, you might find it easier to skip flossing once in a while. Doing so allows the plaque between your teeth (a product of oral bacteria) to calcify and harden, increasing bacteria’s attacks on your teeth. Also, neglecting to floss can allow food particles and debris to remain between your teeth, and the obstruction can directly contribute to toothaches and sensitivity.


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