diabetesMost dentists tell their patients that oral health can determine the state of your overall health. This statement is very much true! As a matter of fact, some cases of dementia, Alzheimer’s, and even low birth-weight babies have been cause by untreated oral diseases and illnesses.

In this article, though, your Richardson, TX dentist Dr. Diep Truong, discusses the affects of diabetes on your smile.

Oral Ailments that Stem from Diabetes

  • Gum disease. Several studies have shown the link between gum disease and other bodily ailments like heart disease. Another one of those diseases is a diabetes. In fact, the connection between gum disease and diabetes goes hand-in-hand.
    A patient with diabetes has a harder time warding off infections and diseases, which makes them more susceptible to developing gum disease. Furthermore, when gum disease is eliminated, maintaining healthy blood sugar levels is much easier.
  • Infections. As aforementioned, having diabetes decreases your immune system’s ability to function properly. Therefore, you’re more prone to oral fungal infections. If this occurs, your symptoms may include painful sores within the oral cavity and difficulty swallowing. Should any of these ailments appear, contact your Richardson, TX dentist quickly.
  • Delayed healing. This applies more to those who have undergone oral surgery or other types of invasive surgeries. However, for patients who have surgical procedures, the doctor prescribes an antibiotic to avoid the onset of infections and to promote faster healing. Yet, if your blood sugar levels don’t fall within a satisfactory range, the healing process may take longer than anticipated.

For Diabetic Dental Care, Visit Viva Dental

If you’re a diabetic and would like a dental office that can cater to your specific needs, then take care to visit Dr. Truong. She can evaluate your mouth to ensure it’s healthy—should you require treatment, she can create a plan made just for you. To schedule an appointment with your Richardson, TX dentist, call us at (214) 337-7800. Also, visit our website for services, reviews, to learn more about our dental team. We happily serve new and existing patients in North Oak Cliff, Kessler Park, Duncanville, Grand Prairie, Richardson, Carrolton, Garland, Addison, Farmers Branch, and nearby suburbs.