So you enjoy a nice glass or two of red wine at social events (or every day, depending on how much you enjoy your wine). Research has shown that some compounds related to red wine can actually benefit your oral health, but those compounds do not protect your teeth from red wine stains. With these tips from Dr. Truong, your Dallas area dentist, you can continue to enjoy your glass without the added worry of staining your teeth.

Drink Responsibly. Your Teeth Will Thank You

  • If you spill red wine on your white dress, tablecloth, or carpet, then a little white wine or seltzer can usually help lift the stain. The same principle applies to your teeth; swirl the white wine or seltzer (don’t gargle, it’s disturbing to those around you) between glasses of red wine to help diminish the red’s staining power. Try this technique with caution; chasing wine with wine can lead to increased inebriation.
  • Red wine can stain more than your tooth’s structure, it can also tint the plaque accumulated along and between your teeth. To avoid this, thoroughly brush your teeth before dinner to eliminate plaque buildup.
  • Eating cheese will coat your teeth with calcium, which significantly helps protect your teeth from staining agents. For the best results, munch on a piece of hard cheese while you sip your wine.
  • Vegetables like broccoli and celery have fibrous textures that work like nature’s little toothbrushes. They can help scrub away stains, and they increase saliva production (saliva is your natural mouthwash, and also helps protect against stains).
  • Wait awhile after your last glass of wine to brush your teeth. The beverage’s acidity will soften your teeth, and brushing immediately can damage your enamel.

Now Enjoy!

Now you are equipped to safely enjoy your red wine and keep your teeth bright and beautiful. To learn more about protecting your teeth, or to schedule a dental consultation with Dr. Truong, contact our Dallas dentist office at (214) 337-7800, or our Richardson dentist office at (972)437-6000. We are proud to serve patients in the 75211 and 75080 zip codes, and surrounding neighborhoods.