As Halloween approaches, children are sure to expose their teeth to massive amounts of candy. Lollipops are one of the worst treats for propagating tooth decay. Teeth are literally bathed in sugar as a lollipop is consumed over a longer period of time than most candies. Bacteria in your mouth feed on sugar to create acid, weakening enamel, and infecting teeth with decay. Imagine if there were a Halloween treat you could pass out to the neighborhood children that would actually fight tooth decay. Your Richardson and Dallas dentist, Dr. Truong, explains how an amazing discovery called Keep 32 might impact dentistry, and candy consumption, in the future.

What is Keep 32?

Exciting new research is being conducted by Jose Cordoba of Yale University, and Erich Astudillo of Universidad de Santiago, in Chile, that can potentially eradicate the bacteria that cause cavities. Keep 32 is a chemical that only requires 60 seconds of exposure in the human mouth to kill Streptococcus mutans.The molecule, not only targets S mutans, but could prevent cavities from ever starting in the first place. A bacteria-free environment can be maintained for several hours after the initial 60 second exposure.

The Future of Tooth Decay Prevention?

After studying the molecule for five years, scientists are soon to begin a 14 to 18-month trial on humans. The researchers will attempt to prove the cavity preventing power of Keep 32. Once on the market, the researchers believe that products infused with Keep 32 could generate as much as $300 million within five years. Astudillo, CEO of Top Tech Innovations, the company that holds the patent for Keep 32, says “the molecule can not only be incorporated into a gum, but in products like toothpastes, mouthwashes, dental floss, candies, lollipops, dental night gels, and other items that can be kept inside the mouth for at least 60 seconds.” Lollipops and hard candies, usually associated with tooth decay, could make oral hygiene a bit more fun for children and adults, alike.

For now, there is no magical lollipop that can obliterate tooth decay. Be sure to balance Halloween’s sugary fun with regular brushing, flossing, and bi-annual visits to your dentist. If you are due for a cleaning and checkup, call our Dallas dentist office at (214) 337-7800, or our Richardson dentist office at (972)437-6000. Viva Dental is proud to serve patients in the 75211 and 75080 zip codes, and surrounding communities.