A gorgeous smile can boost your confidence. Unfortunately, our teeth are under constant attacks from harmful bacteria that hinder the beauty of our smiles, leading to plaque buildup and unsightly stains. To protect your smile, you need to maintain good dental habits, including regular dental cleanings with your Richardson TX dentist.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Cleanings

Question: What does a dental cleaning involve?

Answer: Over time, our teeth become coated in a sticky substance known as plaque. Without a cleaning, the plaque can harden in tartar. During a dental cleaning, Dr. Truong will remove the plaque, using a manual scaler or an ultrasonic scaler. She will then polish your teeth.

Question: How many dental cleanings do I need per year?

Answer: Both your Richardson TX dentist and the American Dental Association believe adults should receive two cleanings a year, once every six months. In some cases, patients particularly susceptible to gum disease or tooth decay may require more frequent cleanings.

Question: How do I keep my smile clean from home?

Answer: Along with dental cleanings, your Richardson TX dentist recommends practicing good oral hygiene. Each day, you should thoroughly brush your teeth twice and floss once. This helps combat plaque buildup and safeguard your smile against stains and decay. However, you still need to attend your routine cleanings and checkups.

Question: Does a dental cleaning help prevent serious smile issues?

Answer: Plaque can irritate the gums, causing inflammation. Without treatment, inflammation leads to periodontal disease, causing sore, red gums that bleed easily. Gum disease also increases the risk of tooth loss. A simple cleaning helps reduce the chances of developing gum disease. Furthermore, plaque weakens the enamel coating your teeth, allowing bacteria to reach the sensitive inner tooth structure and cause cavities to form.

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