New experiences can be frightening, and when you are a child, most experiences are new. Being accustomed to regular dental check-ups might evoke fear, but it is important that a child embrace the process of dental maintenance. Your Dallas dentist, Dr. Truong, explains ways that parents and dentists can work together to ensure that children experience positive feelings in connection with dental appointments.

Advice for Parents

While honesty is a great policy between parents and children, there is a time and place for details. Be selective regarding what you tell your child about the dentist. You might feel tempted to share stories of your childhood dental experiences, but make sure you stick to the pleasant memories.

Do not bring up topics that might be synonymous with pain and discomfort. If persistent questions arise and you do not know how to answer them without evoking fear in your child, defer to the dentist. For a persistently inquisitive child, try a response such as: I am not sure. Dr. Truong will be able to answer that question at your appointment.

Highlight the Fun Stuff

If a child’s fear level seems impossible to assuage, make sure you let them know that being scared is very normal. Assure them that you and Dr. Truong are teaming up to make sure that their teeth stay healthy. Focus on the positive and fun aspects of their visit to Viva Dental in Dallas, such as our videogame/movie room.

Share Ideas with Your Dentist

Viva Dental strives to create a comfortable environment for patients of all ages, but a parent knows their child best. If there is a specific tactic that you think will help your child feel less anxious, we would be happy to consider it. Some kids like to have a conversation with their dentist and ask all of their questions before the dental work begins. Others might want to get the procedure over with as quickly as possible. In extreme cases, a child can be so nervous that sedation dentistry might be worth considering, and that is another service available at Viva Dental.

If you are looking for a dentist for your child, yourself, or the whole family, call Viva Dental in Dallastoday at (214) 337-7800, or at our newly opened Richardson office at (972)437-6000. Dr. Truong is proud to serve patients in the 75211 and 75080 zip codes, and surrounding areas.