During the holiday season, many people might suffer from an increase in stress and anxiety. This time of year presents numerous occasions for unwanted aggravation. Mall parking spots seem like treasured objects and avoiding a long line in every store seems impossible. Your Richardson dentist, Dr. Diep Truong, discusses how stress can show in your mouth.

Stress Shows

Many people experience an uptick in stress and anxiety this time of year. However, numerous people remain unaware of their condition. Sometimes, the effects of stress can take a toll on your oral health. Typically, when people suffer from stress, their immune system suffers a performance reduction. When the immune system cannot combat harmful bacterial, viral, and fungal infections, oral health and overall health can diminish.

Oral bacteria proliferate in the  mouth, especially when people don’t exercise proper dental care. If the immune system cannot actively protect against the effects of these bacteria, then illness and inflammation could occur.

Gum Disease in America

Preventing gum disease should remain important to everyone during the holidays and throughout the rest of the year. Gum disease prevention begins with a commitment to dental hygiene and maintaining regular six-month checkups with our Dallas and Richardson dental offices. We recommend that patients follow the American Dental Association guidelines for effective and correct tooth brushing. Patients should always brush at least twice each day. Make sure to scrub each tooth and maintain a brushing duration of two minutes.

Also, floss once per day to aid in promoting healthy gums and removing excess food particles. The American Dental Association also recommends that patients rinse their mouth with an ADA-approved, antimicrobial mouthwash. Studies indicate that patient could reduce their risk for gum disease up to 60% with daily use.

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