Did you know dental crowns protect and preserve your smile? Whether you suffer from advanced tooth decay or desire a cosmetic solution to a damaged or malformed tooth, dental crowns can improve your dental health. But what are dental crowns? How do they work? Do they look natural? In today’s blog, your Dallas dentist, Dr. Diep Truong, explains how our strong and esthetically pleasing dental crowns can safeguard your smile.

How Do Crowns Work?

A crown is a cap that fits over the visible portion of a tooth. A crown can be used in a variety of dental procedures. Crowns are sometimes prescribed to repair teeth damaged by cavities or trauma. In other cases, a patient may require a crown to address a misshaped tooth. For patients with missing teeth, crowns help anchor dental bridges into place and also replace lost teeth in dental implant procedures.

Types of Dental Crowns

Dr. Truong provides a wide array of dental crowns. For the molars, which require greater strength and aren’t as visible, Dr. Truong may recommend crowns made from gold, alloy, or porcelain-fused-to-metal. To provide restorations that look completely natural, Dr. Truong may recommend our all-white porcelain crowns. Porcelain carries the same translucent properties as tooth enamel, so our porcelain crowns blend seamlessly with your smile.

Receiving Your New Restoration

After preparing the surface of the tooth receiving the crown, Dr. Truong will take an impression. An expert ceramist will use the impression, along with Dr. Truong exact specifications, to craft your custom-made crown. You will wear a temporary crown until your custom crown is complete. Once your new restoration is finished, Dr. Truong will check the fit and place your crown using a powerful bonding agent.

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