Over time, a variety of factors can lead to stained teeth. The foods and drinks we consume, poor oral hygiene, and even the use of certain antibiotics may discolor the outer enamel or inner structure of our teeth. Fortunately, at Viva Dental Family Dentistry we offer cosmetic solutions to stained smiles. In today’s blog, your Dallas dentist, Dr. Diep Truong, uses a fun quiz to discuss our teeth whitening techniques.

Teeth Whitening Quiz

1. True or False: Dr. Truong offers in-office whitening.

2. True or False: Viva Dental provides at-home teeth whitening.

3. True or False: For permanent stains, your Dallas TX cosmetic dentist offers porcelain veneers.

Answer Key

1. True. With Zoom! Whitening, patients can obtain brighter smiles in less than an hour. A bleaching gel will be applied to the teeth and activated using a special blue light. Soon, you will have a noticeably brighter smile.

2. True. After taking an impression of your teeth, Dr. Truong will create a special whitening tray. She will then prescribe a powerful bleaching gel. The patient wears the gel-filled tray each day for a specific mount of time. In less than two weeks, patients will have a smile brightened by multiple shades.

3. True. Often, traditional in-office and at-home whitening can’t remove permanent teeth stains. With porcelain veneers, custom-made shells of dental porcelain are placed on the front of a patient’s teeth. The veneers mask permanent teeth stains, instantly rejuvenating your smile.

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We our cosmetic procedures, Dr. Truong can remove or mask unsightly teeth stains. For more information on our teeth whitening techniques, schedule a consultation with your Richardson TX cosmetic dentist today. Contact Dr. Truong, today by calling our Richardson office at 972-437-6000. Patients can also make an appointment with our West Dallas dentist office, near Cockrell Hill, Irving, and Grand Prairie at (214) 337-7800. At Viva Dental Family Dentistry, we offer our patients the latest in general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry. We are proud to serve patients in the 75211 and 75080 zip codes, and surrounding neighborhoods.