Easter is just a few days away and many of our patients will be celebrating. For kids, this means another opportunity to indulge in candy and sweets care of the Easter bunny and egg hunts. We would like to remind our patients and their families to try and limit their children’s candy consumption and even offer healthy alternatives to reduce the risk of toothaches and cavities. We also recommend a few simple tips for keeping little smiles healthy and happy.

How Does Candy Hurt Our Smiles?

By the end of your weekend, odds are many of our patient’s children will have amassed quite a haul of candy. While there’s nothing wrong with the occasional treat, too much of a good thing can be harmful. The bacteria in our mouths break down sugars and other starches, elevating the level of oral acids. Soon, the oral acids weaken the outer enamel, which protects the teeth from bacteria. As a result, your child’s smile becomes vulnerable to tooth decay and he/she may even experience toothaches. To help them avoid cavities and toothaches, we recommend limiting the consumption of candy and offering healthier alternatives, such as fresh fruits and low-fat yogurt.

The Importance of Preventive Dentistry

Your Dallas TX dentist offers an array of preventive options for safeguarding little smiles. Routine checkups and dental cleanings allow your Dallas TX dentist to watch for any signs of developing dental issues. For teeth susceptible to decay, Dr. Truong may recommend fluoride treatments to strengthen outer enamel. Dental sealants are another preventive measure available for little smiles. Your Dallas TX dentist will coat the teeth in a special plastic material, which prevents bacteria and stray food particles from becoming stuck between teeth. The teeth receiving the sealants are the rear molars, which are often difficult for kids to reach when brushing. For more information on checkups, cleanings, and other preventive measures, contact Dr. Truong today.

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