When did you child first see a dentist? Many parents unknowingly delay their children’s first dentist visit, increasing the odds of developing serious dental health issues. In fact, a recent study highlights the importance of children obtaining early care for their teeth and gums. Don’t let your child suffer the consequences of delayed dental visits, help them maintain a smile full of healthy, beautiful teeth.

Recent Studies

A child’s first visit to the dentist should follow the eruption of the first baby tooth. Once the child reaches the age of three, the American Dental Association recommends a dental checkup once every six months. Like adults, children benefit from regular dental checkups, which allow a dentist to watch for the earliest indicators of cavities, misalignment, or gingivitis. St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto recently conducted a survey and found that less than one percent of children had attended the initial visit at 12 months and fewer than two percent had seen a dentist by age two. Of the 2000+ children over the age of four surveyed, less than 39 percent had ever set foot in a dentist. Without dental checkups, your child could be at risk of advanced decay or even an infection, which threatens the overall stability of his/her smile.

Checkups from Your Dallas TX Dentist

At Viva Family Dentistry, your Dallas TX dentist offers thorough dental checkups for children of all ages. Using digital x-rays and intraoral cameras, your Dallas TX dentist will search for any signs of developing dental problems, offering treatment before the issue requires more extensive and costly intervention down the road. To schedule a checkup for you or your child, contact Dr. Diep Truong today. We can answer any questions or concerns you may have about your little one’s dental health.

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