Summer has arrived and your kids are finally out of school. Most children look at summer break as a time to kick back and relax, while consuming copious amounts of snacks and soda, of course. While there’s nothing wrong with the occasional sweet treat, we encourage parents to offer kids some healthy summer snack options. With better snacks comes a reduced risk of developing cavities.

Fighting Tooth Decay

What causes tooth decay? When we eat foods and drinks high in sugars and other starches, bacteria break down the sugars. This process increases oral acidity, weakening the protective layer of tooth enamel. Soon, the sensitive inner tooth structure becomes exposed to bacteria, causing cavities to form. Children with cavities may experience tooth sensitivity along with uncomfortable toothaches.

Fun Summer Snack Ideas

Instead of sodas or sport’s drinks, which both contain a lot of sugar, encourage your kids to drink water. Staying hydrated offers a boost of energy and water cleanses the mouth of harmful bacteria and stray food particles. Instead of chips or candy, offer fresh fruit (including apples, oranges, melons, and pears), raw vegetables (such as carrots, broccoli, cucumbers, and celery), and low-fat yogurt. Sunflower seeds, nuts, and plain bagels also make great smile healthy snacks. You can find more healthy snack options here. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

Checkups and Cleanings

Don’t forget to see the dentist during summer break! Dr. Diep Truong recommends children undergo a dental checkup once every six months, allowing her to exam the teeth for any indicators of burgeoning tooth decay. Dr. Truong can treat cavities with lifelike tooth-colored fillings or durable dental crowns. If you or your kids need an appointment, call our office today to schedule one at your earliest convenience.

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