The leaves are turning and the air outside is growing just a little cooler. Halloween is right around the corner! Your children are probably anxious to find their costumes and get ready to walk the neighborhood looking for sugary treats. In Richardson, TX, the city is putting on a Halloween celebration for all ages on October 25th.

Spook-a-licious Happening!

The Richardson Public Library will be hosting a fun event for all ages on October 25th, from 2:30pm to 4:30pm. The Spook-a-licious Halloween Happening will be located in the Basement Program Room and will feature scary stories, crafts and games, and even trick-or-treating with puppets. The library invites all children to wear their costumes for this fun afternoon of spooky surprises. Visit the city’s event calendar for more information here.

Alternatives to Candy

If you would like to offer smile healthy alternatives to candy bars and sugary sweets, there are a number of options. Consider picking up some holiday-themed party favors. This can include toy skeletons, bats, or spiders, as well as little vampire teeth. The kids coming to your door can still enjoy a fun holiday without endangering their smile to tooth decay.

Don’t Forget a Checkup!

After eating all that candy, your children should definitely see the dentist for a thorough checkup and cleaning. Dr. Truong knows how to recognize the earliest stages of a cavity. She can also provide a cleaning, which will remove plaque and leave their smiles feeling smooth and clean. Dr. Truong can even instruct your children on the proper methods of brushing and flossing for quality homecare. To schedule a checkup or cleaning, call our friendly and knowledgeable office staff today. Together with Dr. Truong, we want to help your little ones maintain a lifetime of beautiful, healthy smiles.

About Your Dallas, TX Dentist:

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