November is American Diabetes Awareness Month. Across the country, medical professionals are raising awareness about this disease that affects millions of people. Did you know that there is a potential link between gum disease and diabetes?

Gum Disease and Diabetes Quiz

1. True or False: Gum disease can increase diabetes risk.

2. True or False: There are multiple symptoms of periodontal disease.

3. True or False: You can take steps to reduce your risk of developing gum issues.

4. True or False: Dr. Truong can address periodontal issues with a deep cleaning.

Answer Key

1. True. Gum disease can increase the levels of blood sugar, boosting a person’s risk of developing diabetic complications. Likewise, diabetes elevates the chances of developing infection, including periodontal disease.

2. True. Patients will notice discomfort related to the gum tissue. The gums may look red, feel sore, or bleed easily. In some cases, gums may appear to recede and teeth can feel loose. Chronic bad breath is also a common symptom. If you notice one or a combination of the above symptoms, please schedule a visit right away.

3. True. With good oral hygiene, you can reduce your risk of developing this issue. Your routine should include brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing at least once. You should stop smoking and have a professional teeth cleaning twice a year. Dr. Truong may recommend more cleanings if you are particularly susceptible to gum disease.

4. True. With a deep cleaning, Dr. Truong uses scaling and root planing to remove plaque from the roots and visible portions of the teeth. Plaque can cause inflammation that often leads to gum problems. If you have any questions about the link between periodontal disease and diabetes, or would like to schedule a cleaning, then talk to Dr. Truong today.

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